ARMHS Certification Process

Starting an ARMHS clinic is a 3-phase process that usually takes 12-20 months to provide ARMHS with all MCO’s.

* All information shared below is based on Apollo’s individual experience with ARMHS, and may not reflect official ARMHS statutory or industry standards. Apollo is not liable for any losses incurred based on this information. Please contact either DHS and/or the relevant insurance providers directly to obtain official information about the process of starting an ARMHS Clinic.

Phase 1: Setting up your business – Estimated 1 month

  1. Register your business with the MN Secretary of State
  2. Set up your Federal Tax Identification Number (FEIN)
  3. Set up your MN State Tax ID

Phase 2: DHS Certification – Estimated 4 – 6 months

  1. Owners have attended MN Trainlink class: ARMHS – ADMINISTRATIVE MH131A
  2. Obtain a business NPI for your organization
  3. Hire a Treatment Supervisor who has completed all MN Trainlink Pre-Requisites and attended ARMHS – CLINICAL MH131C
  4. Submit ARMHS Application
    1. Enroll in the online portal
    2. Upload Sections A-C: Administrative Attachments
    3. Upload Section D: Mock File
  5. Once approved, you will receive your DHS “ARMHS Final Approval” letter

Phase 3: Insurance & MCO Contracting and Credentialing

  1. Obtain General Liability Insurance in the amount of “1 million per incident / 3 million per year”
  2. State Medical Assistance – Estimated 2-3 Months
    1. Register for the MPSE portal – (Can only be completed after receiving the ARMHS final approval letter) 
    2. Submit both company and clinician applications
    3. Pay the MHCP Application Fee
    4. Pass the OIG Site visit
  3. Contracted and Credentialed Insurance Companies – Estimated 6-12 Months
    1. Blue Cross Blue Shield
    2. Health Partners
    3. Ucare
  4. Credentialed Insurance Companies – Estimated 2-3 Months
    1. Hennepin Health – (Metro only) 
    2. Medica – (Managed by Optum)
    3. United Health Care – (Managed by Optum)
  5. Insurance Companies in Greater Minnesota
    1. Itasca Medical Care – (Itasca County only)
    2. Prime West Health Services – (South East MN only)
    3. South County Health Alliance – (Greater MN only)